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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Monday, June 14, 2010

Train, Train, Train, Farm, Farm, Farm...

The title about sums it up! It's pretty much what weekends have turned into; major pet training and farming days. It's been kinda fun, though very chaotic at times. In fact it has really taken away from the little bit of family time I usually get.....well, that and certain people that don't get that I am busy when I tell them three times or so.

After training Emeraldflame's and Winterbane's pets that I am working on...getting the energy down to zero, I took them both to the ravens where a friend, Michael Owleyes, joined me. A friend of his joined us and we all spent about an hour and half, I think, farming them. We all got pets...I think I got 3 more Silverback Wildclaws(at least) between my two wizards.

We then went to farm Kanago for the Myth Leprechaun. Michael's friend got one. Michael wasn't so lucky there, hope he gets his soon! I wish I could have given him one of mine cause I ended up with three between my two. Winterbane got her second and I took her out in hopes that it would let Michael get his...but that didn't work. Before I left to help out other friends Emeraldflame ended up with
The Last Leprechaun....almost sounds like a movie, eh? (Hint:Think Friendly Necromancer here.)

First Myth Leprechaun drop:

Then it was on to farm the secure house...which I am not convinced does much, but I enjoy the company of my whatever.

After that there was more training for Emeraldflame, then some for Nightshade, I am not entirely sure what happened after that. I think I was going to start on Jadeblade but was asked about going to I did that...twice.

Hmmm...Saturday...Most of it was a blur, more farming, I'm sure. Then there was the party for Autumn from Homework in Graveyard. It was total chaos. My old friend Blaze Rubyleaf ported in to me not knowing what he was coming in to. After all he didn't know me as a blogger, nor does he care that I am one, nor does he read any blogs. But he was always a great friend to me. It actually confused and freaked him out some when he saw the crowd of people and all the running around and screaming in
CAPS. He left soon after and we continued to talk in whisper. He is a really good, solid kind of person and seeing all those people acting so insane was a bit much.

I really felt bad for Autumn, even though she couldn't be there...and in a way; maybe, for her sake, it might have been good she wasn't. I mean the party was for her and all anyone could talk about was "Where's Friendly?"....*sigh* While Friendly is very important and respected by us all, there are times when people need to give a little respect and admiration to others as well. After all; are we not all members of the community? Well, then, we all deserve our moments to be ours and not overshadowed by another. I think Friendly would probably agree with that too. I so wish people would think before they act and speak more often, but that is asking too much, obviously.

Friday, I did do some farming then. I was on a real roll with the Hall of Valor...and I mean I was enjoying it. I really enjoy those dungeons there in Nidavellir, For one thing it has really great snack drops for Storm pets. For another thing; it's such a different atmosphere to battle in compared to the same old DS garbage. And while I actually do enjoy MB and the characters there, as well as the is a city; and I am not a city person. Besides, there, in Nidavellir, is so much blue, aqua and green's so beautiful.

So I was farming there and our beloved Pet Master, Edward, wants to drop in. He is always welcome farming company. We always seem to have a good time when we battle together. So we went through there maybe 5 times or so in the Hall of Valor. I got more Lifebats and Death Trolls. But I also got this Silver Colossus... I just need that zombie out of there.

How about all those Firebats, guys? My Fire wiz is now well stocked in flappy-winged friends. Nice on KI's part to give those to people. Of course I had spent 3 days, at random times, trying to farm it from the Gurtok Barrier Demon and had finally won one beforehand...LOL!

Well, hopefully the weekdays can be a little more calm. Maybe mom and I can actually talk on the phone and go farm for her missing Ice gear.....that would be nice!
She started up a Death wizard a week ago and is already level 16 or 17! That is awesome-sauce! She has been doing it completely on her own too, so that is really great! I know I will try and help her out when possible and when needed.

Other than that I am hoping to do a little solo farming early in the day...if I'm awake. Sometimes it's nice to go back to the basics of that and do it all at your own pace and not have to worry about what anyone else thinks/wants...haha!

And, of course there is always: more training! Taz, my Stormzilla is up to Ancient. I am not seeing anything wonderful out of him and really hoping he will get SOMETHING at Epic. Of course that will take forever, though. However I think I am making pretty good progress with him. I am also working on my Storm Serpent and so far it's giving me both Storm Resistance and Storm Damage bonuses....not bad!
Most of my other wizards...I am working mainly on their defense pets, except with Death I am working on the Wraith. Wraith pets seem to, at least, consistently give health.....Umm, gee, don't you think Storm could have used this more??? But it's still nice to see some actual progress being made with the Wraith...instead of wondering about my poor Taz ever having any potential at all.

One thing I can say safely, and really I don't care one bit if you disagree: The pet does not make the wizard. So even if my Zilla isn't great(*still loves Taz anyway*) it makes me no less of a Storm wizard *sticks tongue out*

Until next time...

See ya in the Spiral!...

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