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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catching Up...And Vampires Rise Again + More Changes Found!

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows I am a fan of the show on SyFy, Merlin.
Last night the DVR decided to cut me off on it 16 minutes in, because it was too full. So I looked up my old, reliable source so I could watch what happened...since SyFy(for some unknown reason) doesn't have this show available in replay. I found that my old source has the BBC version and they are, of course, ahead of the U.S. So I was able to watch not only last night's episode, but also the two to come in the next couple weeks.

I have to say it is truly intense and Epic(and not in the silly, common "epic" sense that so many over use that word for now.) Things have really gotten interesting on that show, so I hope they can keep making it and having it on SyFy.

As I watched it I felt like I was slipping back into one of my Dragonlance books; where I could feel totally emersed in it to the point where one almost feels like they are at a renaissance festival and the sweet smell of incense fills the air, candles light rooms instead of electric lights, and people actually might remember what chivalry is and are polite to each other and stepping into a tavern of the time, sitting down with other travelers and listening to tales of their adventures, and sharing your own.

If you are into fantasy, castles, dragons, knights, magic(and I would guess you were somewhat into magic if you are reading a Wizard101 blog,) then you really should check out the next couple episodes of Merlin, on SyFy on Friday nights.


I was able to get the Vampire Twins out for a bit tonight. I twas nice to go back and do some quiet 2-box play with the two lower level wizards.They finally got to do the Ironworks and have now finished Newgate Prison(along with side quests.) I found some new things on the quests too. At the Ironworks the door to where Pops O'Leary is hiding out now slides instead of disappears. Also, the quests "Street Sweeping," "Behind Bars," and "Thick with Thieves" now only require you to defeat 4 of each enemy, instead of 8. Boy, the newbies really got it easy these days, don't they? I mean slow robots, a way around part of the clockworks on Chelsea, shorter towers, and less enemies to defeat on the streets?...Wow, you new folks got it made! One bad thing about it; you are going to have to go back and defeat a lot more enemies to get badges...if you want the badges...cause now you are not forced to have to defeat so many enemies! Also, it may slightly alter the timing of certain events and levels due to not earning quite as much XP from battles. I know,
I know; you don't earn much XP from battles, but every little bit counts too!

One other little thing I notice: now when you level up not only does your pet energy top out again, but so does mana(not just health)!

I also had a weird glitch happen. I had Esmee go into battle and had Val port in and when he did his screen froze up, so I had to shut it down. When I started it back up and Val was back in action, his health crystal was all messed up if he had died...and he obviously hadn't. Also, I don't know if this is new...because I haven't died in forever...but I was told earlier today that the crystal cracks when you die. Here you can also see that the crystal is cracked as well as the numbers are all messed up....

Another little bug that seems to be happening is people freezing in a running motion when they go into battle. Below here you can see John Lifeglen frozen, and below that you can see Fallon Deathslinger frozen too...

There have also been a lot of weird stat bugs. Below is one(sort of random here) that I had one day. I can't remember what happened before I saw this, but it was just weird, take a look at Keira's resistance there....
And for you number junkies; do you notice something funny about those negative numbers in both Keira's resistance and in Val's cracked globe? It's the same pattern of numbers
(-214748...and possibly continues to 36 and so on.) I wonder where that comes from?

Maybe with the Shadow Weavers of Celestia coming it is appropriate that we have these type of bugs as well...but at least these ones are fun/funny. I am not looking forward to seeing giant bugs walking the streets in a place that should have been beautiful. I will hope it's not THAT BAD. I really don't need more ugly and boring worlds like DS.

See ya in the Spiral!


  1. Awesome observation; Ian Emerald did mention that KingsIsle's greatest enemy are the "bugs." And thanks for bringing these numbers to our attention. Just a few hours ago, someone was yelling at me in the Pet Pavilion about "cheating arena stats." After a few minutes, I realized he was talking about my Wizard's bonuses, and these pictures show the cause of the confusion.

  2. lol your correct (newbies). I've saw that bug happen with many players too! Over 100k awesome! I didn't know you where that rich lol jk.


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